Progesterone Creams May Have Serious Side Effects

Leading doctors and researchers agree that Natural Progesterone is critical to a woman’s health and well being. That’s pretty much a given. However, research has proven that there is at least one important distinction between the natural progesterone our body makes and how over the counter progesterone creams work in the body.

While our own natural progesterone has the ability to convert into other hormones in the body, there has been no evidence to date that progesterone creams perform the same way. Yet, women continue to slather on progesterone creams in an effort to balance out what they suspect to be excessive estrogen levels, unaware of the damage they may be doing to their bodies.

Women who take in more progesterone than their bodies need can develop excessive amounts of progesterone which can result in serious side effects.

Initially, many women feel a calming effect when they first use progesterone creams. However, after several months of use and accumulation of excessive progesterone, depression may set in.

The second downside of high progesterone is its effect on Cortisol levels in the body. High levels of progesterone can increase Cortisol levels resulting in feelings of intense hunger and sugar or carbohydrate cravings, weight gain around the waist, reduced muscle mass, bone thinning, memory loss, fluid retention, reduced athletic endurance, reduced thyroid function, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and PMS.

Women with excessive progesterone who are still menstruating may even start missing their cycles. And since symptoms of excessive progesterone can mimic other health conditions, it can easily lead to misdiagnosis by health professionals and being prescribed unneeded medications to address problem conditions that don’t exist.

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