MCT Colada



Great-tasting, emulsified MCT oil

MCT Colada™ contains emulsified medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) with a great-tasting natural pineapple/coconut flavor. Its emulsification allows for unparalleled absorption, and will completely disperse when mixed into any liquid.

Medium Chain Triglycerides:
MCTs are processed in the body very differently than long-chain triglycerides, requiring less energy and enzymes in order to be digested. In the body, MCTs get broken down into medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and their derivatives monoglycerides. They are easily absorbed across the wall of the small intestine into the blood stream and then delivered straight to the liver where they can get burned for energy (instead of being stored as fat). In essence, they act similar to a carbohydrate, but without the requirement of insulin. As a result, MCTs are more readily used as a source of energy, leading to an increase in metabolism and providing quick energy replenishment when needed.

Highlights of MCT Colada™:

From coconut and palm oil
Pineapple/coconut flavor
High energy, rapidly available fuel
Emulsified for quick absorption and easy mixing
Shorter in length than long chain triglycerides such as safflower and corn oils
Can be converted into ketones and used by the brain as an alternate energy source when glucose in not available
Body burns MCTs for energy instead of being stored as fat, thus can help increase metabolism

Medium-chain triglycerides are a unique form of fat with some very impressive health benefits.

MCT Colada™ may be helpful for*:

Neurodegenerative diseases
Autistic children and children with cognitive development issues
Post brain injury
Athletes (helps preserve muscle during intense exercise; alternative energy source when on a low carb diet)
Combating antimicrobial conditions (antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial)
Immune system
Weight management/metabolic support
People who cannot maintain muscle mass (AIDS, cancer, sarcopenia)
Malabsorption syndrome
Serving Size:
10.5 grams (approx. 2 teaspoons)

Recommended Use:
How to Use MCT Colada™
Shake well prior to dispensing. Take 10.5 grams (approx. 2 teaspoons) with food one or more times daily.

Can be taken alone or mixed in yogurt, juice, or other beverages.

Add to your favorite smoothies to make them tastier and frothier.

MCT Colada™ can be used for cooking and baking, but do not heat above 325 F.

NOTE: High doses may cause laxation (i.e., loose stools). Titrate to allow the body to adjust to the ingestion of MCTs.




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