My Favorite New “Plastic” Water Bottle


Endocrine disruptors are all around us and IN us. Understanding what they are, where they are and how to reduce your exposure is your first step in avoiding these toxins.

Anyone whose been reading my blog long enough has heard me talk about the dangers of plastic. BPA is found in products we use everyday such as plastic beverage bottles, food containers, plastic dinnerware, thermal paper receipts (shiny like the ones from your ATM machine), and the lining of many canned foods. BPA can displace estrogen in the human body, basically taking up space where estrogen is supposed to be working. Side effects include early puberty, reproductive dysfunction, onset of type 2 diabetes, and an increased risk of breast and prostate cancers.

So why am I telling you about this new water bottle……read on

Glasstic water bottle is shatterproof. The only pure glass water bottle encased in a BPA-Free plastic outer shell. Your water is inside a glass bottle that is inside a plastic bottle. It’s brilliant!

For years I’ve recommended stainless steel water containers, but many of my clients complained that they drank less water because they couldn’t see the water. Then glass water bottles became popular but they were easily breakable and sometimes hard to clean.

Glasstic is easy to clean and won’t break if you drop it. Now if you happen to throw it very hard or drop from very high up it would break, but the outer plastic holds in the glass pieces. And it’s very affordable. The classic value pack is only $20 and comes with a free bottle brush. They are offering my readers a 10% discount! Just visit their website and get your discount code. And you can choose from different color caps and different inserts to create your own unique water bottle! They offer free lifetime replacement parts too.

So now there is no reason to not drink your water. You’ll save so much money by not buying plastic water bottles and your body will thank you and the earth will thank you.

Check out their website and watch their 2 short videos.



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