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Are you confused about what’s healthy and what’s not? It’s no surprise given the amount of information we are bombarded with in magazines, news clips, and the internet.  Is red meat good or bad? Are eggs dangerous for cholesterol or are they a super food?

Eggs have been blamed for raising cholesterol when in reality our bodies make our own cholesterol in order to support hormones. When we eat foods with cholesterol, our bodies will slow down production of its own cholesterol, keeping a balance internally. There may be a very small percentage of people whose bodies can’t handle external cholesterol due to their bodies not shutting its production off. You would know who you are at a very young age if this were you. So eat your eggs and do not throw out the yolk. That’s where all the nutrients are.
Red Meat is NOT bad for you. The type of red meat you eat makes all the difference. Grass fed beef contains more omega 3 fatty acids than conventional fish. It’s also high in CLA. Recent studies have shown that conjugated linoleic acid, CLA for short, can have a powerful effect on our health.
In separate studies, scientists have shown that CLA can lower an individual’s risk for cancer and arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries), as well as reduce body fat and delay the onset of diabetes.
For Americans, beef and dairy fat are the best sources of CLA, but research has shown that an all-grass diet can significantly increase the level of CLA in beef and dairy. Because green plants are rich in the linoleic acid necessary to produce to CLA, grass-fed animals typically produce two to four times the CLA of their grain-fed counterparts. You can learn more here at Grassland Beef.
Carbs are not all created equally. Many people swear off carbs to lose weight but forget to include plenty of healthy carbs. Of course you want to limit unhealthy carbs like cookies, crackers, pasta, and breads, but load up on healthy carbs like fruits and vegetables. These foods give you energy and help manage insulin levels while offering valuable fiber and antioxidants.
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