I Married a Nutritionist (GOLF EDITION): Things I’ve Learned That Every GOLFER Should Know

golfers editionWritten in a humorous and very digestible format, “I Married a Nutritionist” (Golfers’ Edition) is the perfect guide to help all golfers improve their performance on and off the course by improving their health through proper nutrition. Many golfers spend countless hours practicing at the range, taking lessons, and buying the latest gear to improve their score when, in fact, one of the most important factors in optimal performance is proper pre-round, on-the-course and post-round nutrition. Peak performance on the course is also greatly affected by one’s over all health. This book sets the record straight on wide variety of often-confusing health and nutrition topics, and is a terrific guide for making improvements in one’s diet and lifestyle.



Back Cover Quotes:

“Karen and Steve Roth definitely have a pulse on how to package great nutrition information in very digestible chapters! This book is a must read for every golfer out there! Damon Goddard, CEO AMPD Golf Fitness, Trainer of Jordan Spieth and other top level PGA & LPGA Tour Players

“This books is going in my golf bag! Karen and Steve make proper nutrition easy to understand and provide amazing tips golfers can use both on and off the course.”
Kelly Kraft, PGA Tour Player

“Normally a book on nutrition would put me to sleep. However, Karen and Steve delivered a book that makes the topic very easy to read and implement. Now, I just need to find the time to get back out on the course!”
Wayne Guymon, Vice President, Fox Sports San Diego

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I Married a Nutritionist: Things I’ve Learned That Every Guy Should Know

book coverFormer TV comedy writer Steve Roth teams up with holistic nutritionist Karen Roth, MS, CNC for “I Married a Nutritionist,” a new book for Men featuring inside information about health and nutrition. Written in a humorous and very digestible style, the book sets the record straight on wide variety of often-confusing health and nutrition topics. Co-author Steve Roth admits that when he married a nutritionist his life changed forever… no, not because he lost his bachelorhood but because his wife’s influence on his diet and lifestyle positively impacted his life. While watching his male friends load up on doctor-prescribed medications, Steve had an idea. Why not write a blog for guys sharing all the great health and nutrition information he’s learned from his nutritionist-wife. The popular blog grew and grew and now that blog has been expanded into a book. “I Married a Nutritionist” is written in short chapters for the busy guy on the go, weather he’s seeing a man about a horse during his morning bathroom ritual, or he’s stuck on the sidelines at his poker game because he went all-in with a pair of twos, or he’s waiting at the mall for his wife to try on yet another pair of shoes. Either way, this book cuts to the chase presenting key information guys need to know to improve their health… and that’s what it’s all about.



Back Cover Quotes:

“I love this book! As a single guy who doesn’t get to hear the ‘voice of nutritional reason’ from his spouse, I get the health benefits of being married without the adverse side effects!”
Todd Greene, President and Founder of HeadBlade, Inc.

“Karen and Steve hit it out of the park with this practical guide to health and nutrition. This book is not only entertaining, it’s jam-packed with tips and information to improve your health.” Harry Thomason, TV Producer-Director, Designing Women and Evening Shade

“I Married a Nutritionist, presents very important information that every man should know, in a unique style that cleverly compels the reader to want to learn it all. An important theme is that healthy eating and healthy living can be fun, delicious and entertaining.” Dr. Joseph Collins

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