Do You Know Your Menopause Type?

Your Menopause Type

It’s More Important Than You Think!

No two women will experience menopause the same way. Some women will sail through this time of their life with little or no discomfort, while others will be plagued with several symptoms for years. Everyone’s body chemistry is as unique as their fingerprint.

It is important to understand that there are 12 different menopause types with another 12 profiles based on a woman’s hormone levels. That translates into 144 symptom/hormone profile combinations. Identifying your Menopause Type is the first step in working towards naturally balancing your hormones the safe and effective way.

Research from the Women’s Health initiative showed that widely used hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can generate side effects such as elevated blood pressure, breast tenderness, weight gain, abnormal bleeding, and depression. More significantly, HRT increases a woman’s risk of strokes, blood clots, and ovarian, endometrial and breast cancers. The good news is, you do have alternatives. There are natural ways to address menopause symptoms that can be very effective.

Did you know a stressful lifestyle can lead to hormone imbalance, as can a diet low in nutrients? Lifestyle changes such as getting more sleep or reducing stress can be supportive when balancing hormones. Choosing the right food groups that are suited to your individual metabolic type is another important step in balancing hormones naturally. Likewise, increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals from foods and supplements is beneficial to us because these nutrients are needed for production and elimination of hormones.

Helping my clients understand their menopause type eliminates all the guesswork. I design personalized protocols that include dietary suggestions, lifestyle enhancements and supplement recommendations.

Menopause is not an event, it is another stage of development in a woman’s life…one that can be a smooth healthy transition, and not a debilitating struggle. Discover your menopause type, click here.

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