Cancer Prevention Through Hormone Balancing

Statistics show that approximately 1 in 7 women will get breast cancer. Most women don’t realize they are exposed to something daily that increases their risk and that’s Xenoestrogens or external estrogens that mimic our own estrogen.

Science shows that estrogen can cause cancer cells to grow. Researchers stumbled upon something interesting while studying cancers cultured in plastic petri dishes, and that was that these cancers grew even without added estrogen. The phthalates that leach out of plastic are potent estrogen mimickers. We call these Xenoestrogens or external estrogens. This compound can cause cancer cells to grow where in other instances they would stay dormant.

These estrogen mimics are found in plastic bottles that hold all types of beverages from milk to water. Also found in plastic wraps that cover your foods.

We will also be exposed to other estrogen mimics from non organic meat and dairy products from animals given growth hormones. And numerous pesticides used on our crops also have estrogen like activity.

Even some of our body care product such as shampoos and sunscreen contain chemicals that cause a dysfunction of estrogen.

The first step is to eliminate these harmful external estrogens through changing habits and eating the right cancer fighting foods. Yes, there are foods that supercharge your own healthy estrogen that can prevent cancer from growing! The next step is to restore balance to our body’s own estrogen. For more on cancer prevention, click here.

There is a very simple and accurate saliva test I offer to my clients, which, when analyzed by the lab, produces a clear picture of the levels of not only your estrogen, but progesterone and testosterone. If a problem is identified, I then work with my clients on an individual basis to balance their system, not with drugs, but naturally. For more information on testing, click here.

To learn more about safe and natural options for alleviating symptoms of hormone imbalance, and other health conditions, contact Karen Roth at 818-400-5410 or visit Offices in Carlsbad, Sorrento Valley and Mission Valley in San Diego.



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